The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

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12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

Québec City Convention Centre, Québec City | June 14-18, 2015

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VIP Speaker
Gilles Gagnon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ceapro Inc., Canada

Plenary Speakers
Valerio Nannini, Nestlé, Switzerland
Sam Saguy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Rehovot), Israel
Paul Singh, University of California (Davis), USA

Session Keynote Speakers

Jose Miguel Aguilera, Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago), Chile
V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam, The Ohio State University, USA
Gustavo Barbosa-Canovas, Washington State University, USA
Thierry Bénézech, UMET, INRA-PIHM, France
Don Cleland, Massey University, New Zealand
Ashim Datta, Cornell University (Ithaca), USA
Levente Diosady, University of Toronto, Canada
Xiao Dong Chen, Soochow University, China
Peter Fryer, University of Birmingham, UK
Dennis Heldman, The Ohio State University
(Columbus), USA

Alain Le Bail, ONIRIS, Nantes, France
Xiaojun Liao, China Agricultural University, China
Jozef Kokini, Purdue University, USA
Dominique Maxime, CIRAIG (Polytechnique Montreal), Canada
Michael McCarthy, University of California (Davis), USA
Brian McKenna, University College Dublin, Ireland
Arun S. Mujumdar, McGill University, Québec, Canada
Keshavan Niranjan, University of Reading, UK
Martin Okos, Purdue University (West Lafayette), USA
Vijaya Raghavan, McGill University, Canada Shafiur Rahman, Sultan Qaboos University, Sultanate of Oman
Yrjö Roos, University College Cork, Ireland
Sam Saguy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Rehovot), Israel
Sudhir Sastry, The Ohio State University (Columbus), USA
Markus Stieger, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Petros Taoukis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Feral Temelli, University of Alberta, Canada
Gilles Trystram, AgroParisTech, France
Jorge Welti-Chanes, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
Da Wen Sun, National University of Ireland, Ireland
Ian Wilson, University of Cambridge, UK
Erich J. Windhab, ETH, Switzerland
Weibiao Zhou, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Conference Committee

Executive Committee
Michèle Marcotte, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Hosahalli Ramaswamy, McGill University, Canada
Cristina Ratti, Université Laval, Canada
Martin Mondor, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Sébastien Villeneuve, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Michael Ngadi, McGill University, Canada

IAEF Members

The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12) will be held in Québec City at the Québec City Convention Centre, Canada, from June 14-18, 2015.

The goal of ICEF12 It consists in the exchange of new scientific knowledge in the field of food technologies and the promotion of interaction between scientists, industrial and government customers. Congress is looking for new ways to innovate in a rapidly changing food industry.

ICEF12 we will solve issues related to the problems faced by engineers in the implementation of science, and creativity in the field of food innovation. The world will have the most important opportunity to see what awaits the organic food industry in the future, and the impact of globalization, and this place is local production, and environmental problems should be taken into account in the global bioeconomy based on knowledge.

ICEF12 will serve to ensure that future challenges for the bio-food industry are anticipated and discussed and that food engineers are meeting these challenges in order to provide adequate and innovative solutions.

This is a great opportunity for you to hear leading speakers and chat with colleagues from industry and academia to keep up to date with the latest developments in this rapidly developing field.


1. Advances in food engineering: Cooling and freezing; Thermal processing; Non-thermal processing; Drying and dehydration; Hygiene and cleaning; Separation and purification; High pressure processing; Mass transfer operations; Food fluid mechanics; Food process design ; Food safety, validation processes; Postharvest storage and food handling; Encapsulation processes; Fermentation and chemical reaction processes; Image processing; Mixing; Crystallization; Nanoengineering; Equilibrium processes.

2. Engineering properties of foods and materials science: Mechanical properties; Thermophysical properties; Physicochemical properties; Phase transitions; Rheological properties; Food structure; Packaging properties; Mixing properties; Transport properties; Equilibrium properties; Functional properties.

3. Emerging technologies and novel processes: New paths for food process innovation; Processes for functional food production; Bioprocessing; Oral processing; In vitro digestion and digestive system.

4. Modeling in food engineering: Modeling and simulation; Automation and process control; Risk assessment (chemical or biological safety); Transport phenomena; Quality parameters; Novel approaches in modeling; Kinetics modeling (microbiology, quality).

5. Click the button: < / strong>food processor sustainability; life cycle approach and carbon footprint; waste reduction and remediation; efficient process (water and energy); food safety systems; conventional conventional processes.

6. Future of food engineering: Education; Research; Worldwide regulations; Curriculum development; Leadership skills and mentoring; New tools (online and apps).

7. Special Session 1: Food Quality Evaluation Throughout the Food Chain: A State-of-the-Art Approach Integrating Fingerprinting and Kinetic Principles.

8. Special Session 2: Irregularities, upsets and breakdowns in food processing

9. Special Session 3: Open Innovation & Partnerships: A Platform for Meeting Food Engineering Future Challenges

10. Special Session 4: Integrating food engineering across Europe – European Academy of Food Engineering (sponsored by the European Academy of Food Engineering, EAFE)

11. Special Session 5: Food fortification technologies for a globalized world

12. Special Session 6: Future of Food Engineering (Trends!)

Commercial Opportunities
We are pleased to be able to offer commercial opportunities to companies with business links in food manufacturing and processing and we hope that you will be able to select a package to suit your business needs.
Please download the Exhibition & Sponsorship Package and contact:
Daphne Llewellyn Davies, Exhibition & Sponsorship Manager, Tel: +44(0) 1386 842040 Fax: +44(0)1386 842100.

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