The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

Special Session 3

Special Session 3: Open Innovation & Partnerships: A Platform for Meeting Food Engineering Future Challenges

Tuesday 18 June 2015, 10:00-12:00

Organizer: Dr. Sam Saguy (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) and Dr. Sudir K. Sastry (The Ohio State University, USA)

Purpose: Meeting Food Engineering (FE) challenges and future requirements dictate a new strategy, vision and paradigm, where open innovation and partnerships roles are paramount. Unabated and accelerated knowledge growth and science complexity, new and evolving working environments, fierce competition from other domains (e.g., bioengineering, biomedical engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering), and unique food related topics (e.g., sustainability, food security, aging populations, energy, water and waste management) and enhanced social responsibility project an acute need for coherent and orchestrated efforts. The ability of most institutes, companies and universities to successfully comply alone with to date increased complexity, requirements and know-how has been diminished, consequently a 4-th helix innovation ecosystem that consists of academia, food industry, government and provide sector is a must. In the core of this innovation ecosystem, open innovation plays and a vital role. The session’s speakers representing various key players in academia, food industry and private sector will highlight a spectrum of topics including FE future challenges, best practices, multidisciplinary, management role, leadership, funding, and business models required for enhancing and promoting open innovation, skills, entrepreneurships and competencies. A discussion at the end of the session is planned to facilitate the audience participation and deliberation.

- Speaker 1: Dr. Todd Abraham Senior Vice President, Research and Nutrition Mondelez International
Title: New frontiers in Open Innovation – leveraging industry, government, academic collaboration

- Speaker 2: Dr. Mohan Rao & Dr. Sam Asante (Pepsico)
  Title: Open innovation in a global food company

- Speaker 3: Prof. Eyal Shimoni (Strauss Group, Israel)
Title: Alpha Strauss Food-Tech community

- Speaker 4: Prof. Sudhir Sastry (USA) & Prof. Sam Saguy (Israel)
Title: Academia roles in open innovation


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