The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)


Dennis Heldman, The Ohio State University (Columbus), USA

Dennis R. HeldmanDennis R. Heldman He received his Bachelor's (1960) and Master's (1962) degrees from Ohio State University and his Ph.D. (1965) from the University of Michigan. His academic background emphasized the application of engineering principles and concepts in the food industry.

One thousand nine hundred sixty six Heldman joined the Faculty of the University of Michigan and began teaching and researching in the field of Food Process Technology. One thousand nine hundred seventy five the first edition of "Food Process Technology" (Heldman), a textbook for undergraduate engineering students, was published. From 1975 to 1979. he worked as the head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Michigan. One thousand nine hundred eighty onethe second edition of "technology of food processes" was released (together with R. Paul Singh), and in 1984. - the first "introduction to food engineering" (together with R. Paul Singh).

Heldman joined the Campbell Soup Company in 1984 as Vice President of Process Research and Development. In nineteen eighty-six, he joined the National Association of Food Processors as Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, executive director of the National Food Laboratory, and president of the Institute of Food Processors. In nineteen ninety-one, Dr. Heldman joined the Weinberg Consulting group and took part in the process of consulting on food regulation. In nineteen ninety-two, the Handbook of Food Engineering was published in the first edition (Heldman and Daryl B. Lund, as editors).

1992-2004 Heldman was a lecturer in food processing technology at the University of Missouri (MU) and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. During this period, he served as head of food, animal feed and Food Group production in the 21st century (MU) program, head of the Department of Food Science and Technology (MU) and director of the Institute for the promotion of value added agriculture (MU) and director of the Joint Research and development program of the Rutgers Center for advanced food technology (CAFT). One thousand nine hundred ninety three a second edition of "introduction to food engineering" was released (with R. Paul force, and in 1997. - "principles of food processing" (together with Richard E. Hartel). Third edition " introduction to food engineering "(with R. Paul Singh, was released in 2001. Two thousand three a printed edition of the Encyclopedia of Agriculture, Food and Biological Engineering was published (Heldman, as editor-in-chief).

2004-2012 Heldman reply engaged in the work life of the reasons to food processing to educational institutions, industry, and government. These activities include the publication of a second edition of handbook of food engineering (with Daryl B Lund) in 2007. Two thousand eight the fourth introduction to the food itself was released (with R. Paul Singh). More recently, in Encyclopedia of agricultural and Food Biotechnology (Heldman, editor) was published in 2010. then in the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Agriculture, Food and Biological Engineering(with Song I. Moraru). Two thousand a thousand new text/leader published title the Design of food preservation processes (through Heldman). The fifth introduction to Food Engineering (with R. Paul Singh) was released in 2014.

Heldman has served as President of IFT, the Society for Food Science and Technology, from 2006-07. He was elected Fellow in the International Academy of Food Science & Technology in 2006, and was recognized with the Life Achievement Award from the International Association for Engineering and Food in Athens, Greece in May, 2011. Heldman was recipient of the Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award in August, 2011.

2012. in August of the year, Heldman joined the Faculty of Ohio State University as Dale A. Seiberling, professor of food marketing. He is involved in teaching and research in food marketing, focusing on the sustainability of food systems and in particular on improving the efficiency of processes while improving the quality of products.

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