The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

Plenary Speaker

Valerio Nannini, Nestlé, Switzerland

Yrjö H. RoosOn April 1, 2014, the Valerian Nanni plant was launched by Nestle S. A.he joined the company as Senior Vice President, Head of the plans and performance department. This has given rise to another role, the Valerian plant luctus crux crucis-supports a functional innovation culture that is fast, efficient and efficient, allowing you to bring all this to the global market.

Prior to his appointment, Valerian Plant Nannini held the position of Managing Director of Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd, where he successfully strengthened and developed the business for 3 consecutive years, while creating a new and unique working environment.

Prior to his mission in Singapore, Valerio Nannini had a dual role : for one as Vice-President, R&D Manager of the Coffee & Beverage Strategic Business Unit where he drove the innovation strategy for the relevant businesses and track its implementation. His second role was that of Director of R&D of Nestlé Product Technology Centre in Orbe (Switzerland), which he transformed into a cross-functional organisation, and where he headed the implementation of innovation roadmaps and projects on agreed timelines, while designing and managing internal and external innovation networks.

The Valeriana Nannini plant holds a master's degree in Chemistry from the University of Florence and an MBA from the University of Wales. He began his career in Italy, and helped establish, establish and decide various Nestlé divisions within Nestlé, performing various coupons, supply chain and management functions. While completing the various tasks, the valerian plant has lived in India, Mexico, Indonesia, South Africa and Switzerland prior to its stay in Singapore.

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