The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

Special Session 2

Special Session 2: Irregularities, upsets and breakdowns in food processing

Monday 15 June 2015, 14:00-15:45

Organizer: Prof. Henry Schwartzberg, University of Massachusetts (Emeritus)

Purpose: This session deals with: what happens when something goes wrong or not quite right in a food process; and what should be done when музеи Петербурга such events occur. Papers will treat a variety of processes to permit broad exchanges of useful information; identify possible solutions for common problems; and generate material useful for training food engineers. The proposed coverage includes: maintaining and improving productivity, yield, functionality sensory quality, and product uniformity; variation in raw-material availability; ensuring continuity of consumer service; prevention of and response to accidents; and suitably rapid processing for perishable raw materials and intermediates. The papers will not only focus on major upsets and breakdowns, but also treat everyday irregularities and upsets. Case histories or examples from industry will be included.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Henry Schwartzberg, University of Massachusetts (USA)
  Title: Irregularities, upsets and breakdowns in coffee roasting

- Speaker 1:Dr. J. Peter Clark, Food Processing Industry Consultant (USA) 
Title: Solids handling challenges, e.g. flooding and bridging of solids such as soy flour, powdered egg and yeast, especially in continuous mixing systems

- Speaker 2: Prof. Bhesh Bandari, University of New South Wales (Australia)
 Title: Product sticking in spray drying - Methods for reducing such sticking

- Speaker 3: Prof. Micha Peleg, University of Massachusetts (USA)
 Title: Estimating failure probabilities from random quality fluctuations

- Speaker 4: Prof. Keith Warriner, University of Guelph
 Title: Perils of the wash process in fresh cut processing: does washing cause more problems than it solves?

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