The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)


Articles of Association

1. Name
The Association shall be known as the International Association for Engineering and Food (IAEF), herein referred to as “The Association”.

2. Membership
Membership of the Association is open to those organizations which are (or whose members are) characteristically directly involved in engineering in relation to food and which support the objects of the Association.

3. Objects
The primary object of the Association is the promotion of International Congresses on Engineering and Food (ICEFs) with the basic aims of:
- exchange of information,
- international support of progress in the subject,
- advancement of the subject,
- advancement of education and training,
and the establishment of the principles on which ICEFs are organized, in particular when, where, by whom, and how.

4. Structure

4.1 The Association
The Association consists of its members each of which may be represented by one voting delegate at meetings of the Association. Meetings may be called by giving not less than three months notice in writing to the members by the President or the Secretary for the time being or by the representatives of any five members. Decisions of the Association shall be by simple majority of members’ representatives present and voting at meetings, a quorum being eight, except that:
(a) decisions taken by postal ballot of members shall be by simple majority of the votes registered and,
(b) proposals to change any of these Articles shall require a majority in favour of two-thirds of the members of the Association at the time.
The Association may set-up Sub-Committees for any purpose consistent with these Articles and specify their nature and purpose. 

4.2  The Officers
The Association’s President , Secretary and Treasurer shall be those respective officers of the committee responsible for organizing the ICEF next in time save that each such officer may propose subject to the Association’ s agreement that another person shall assume that Association office for a specified part of that officer’s rightful term of office.

4.3 Address
The official address of the Association shall normally be the address of the Association’s Secretary.

4.4 Executive Committee
The Association may set up an Executive Committee comprising of its President, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being together with not less than three not more than five representatives of other members of the Association and may delegate to it such of its functions and responsibilities as it may in its own discretion decide and as are consistent with theses Articles for the time being.

4.5 Finance
The Association is non-profit making and the members shall bear financial responsibility for their own and their representatives’ activities in relation to the Association’s affairs except that a modest sum or percentage shall be included in the registration fee for each ICEF for the purpose of defraying the reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Association’s officers in carrying out their duties. The amount or percentage shall be agreed in advance between the Treasurer and the organizers for each ICEF.

5. Rules for the organisation of ICEFs  

5.1 When
ICEFs shall normally be held every four years equally spaced between the successive , normally four yearly, World Congresses of Food Science and Technology of IUFoST.

5.2 Where
An invitation from a member to host an ICEF shall be made by the Secretary who shall convey it to the members at least 3 months before the preceding ICEF. Invitations shall be considered by the Association at a meeting of members’ representatives immediately before each ICEF and its decision on the place of the next ICEF announced during each ICEF.

5.3 By Whom
The organization of an ICEF shall be the responsibility primarily of the host organization selected provided that it shall be set up an International Advisory Committee adequately representative of the range of members’ interests and shall regularly consult and inform it on all non=domestic matters concerning the proposed ICEF.

5.4  How
The Association may specify from time to time, but not later than the preceding ICEF, general or particular aspects of the character, content and structure of one or more ICEFs. It shall be the duty of the organizers of all ICEFs to communicate their experience including a review of their particular ICEF to succeeding organisers so that ICEFs may benefit progressively from such experience.

5.5.  Finance
Subject to the general provisions of Articles 5.3 and 5.4, the financial aspects of each ICEF shall be the responsibility primarily of the body organizing it provided that it makes arrangements for the collection and transfer to the Association of that part of the registration fee earmarked in accordance to Article 4.5.

5.6 Convocation 
Each ICEF shall include Convocation of registrants at which the Association matters of interest to individual participants may be announced, raised or discussed. Normally the Agenda of Convocation shall be agreed by the Association at its representatives’ meeting immediately preceding the ICEF in question.

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