The 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food (ICEF12)

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1. Advances in food engineering: Cooling and freezing; Thermal processing; Non-thermal processing; Drying and dehydration; Hygiene and cleaning; Separation and purification; High pressure processing; Mass transfer operations; Food fluid mechanics; Food process design ; Food safety, validation processes; экскурсии в Сергиев Посад из Москвы; Postharvest storage and food handling; Encapsulation processes; Fermentation and chemical reaction processes; Image processing; Mixing; Crystallization; Nanoengineering; Equilibrium processes.

2. Engineering properties of foods and materials science: Mechanical properties; Thermophysical properties; Physicochemical properties; Phase transitions; Rheological properties; Food structure; Packaging properties; Mixing properties; Transport properties; Equilibrium properties; Functional properties.

3. Emerging technologies and novel processes: New paths for food process innovation; Processes for functional food production; Bioprocessing; Oral processing; In vitro digestion and digestive system.

4. Modeling in food engineering: Modeling and simulation; Automation and process control; Risk assessment (chemical or biological safety); Transport phenomena; Quality parameters; Novel approaches in modeling; Kinetics modeling (microbiology, quality).

5. Sustainable engineering: Food process sustainability; Life cycle approach and carbon foot print; Waste reduction and remediation; Efficient processes (water and energy); Food security systems; Sustainability of traditional processes.

6. Future of food engineering: Education; Research; Worldwide regulations; Curriculum development; Leadership skills and mentoring; New tools (online and apps).

7. Special Session 1: Food Quality Evaluation Throughout the Food Chain: A State-of-the-Art Approach Integrating Fingerprinting and Kinetic Principles.

8. Special Session 2: Irregularities, upsets and breakdowns in food processing

9. Special Session 3: Open Innovation & Partnerships: A Platform for Meeting Food Engineering Future Challenges

10. Special Session 4: Integrating food engineering across Europe – European Academy of Food Engineering (sponsored by the European Academy of Food Engineering, EAFE)

11. Special Session 5: Food fortification technologies for a globalized world

12. Special Session 6: Future of Food Engineering (Trends!)

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